Sunday, July 28, 2013

Fashion done right!

Where are you putting all those beer?

Toothbrush stand. Very useful!

And here's another Useful while driving.

Oppps! Saw that.

Even girls can't resists BA-NA-NA


I love Billiards!

Stretching done right!

That's why I watch Olympics! Go Brazil!!!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

That's one big heart!

Oh the mountains!

Is this how you perform CPR nowadays?

That's how you grab it! Clever boy.

I know man, those are gigantic!

Dream Job!

That kid is one true ninja

Even the dog likes the smell

Can I sit beside you?

Ay Ay Captain!

I bet the kid wants milk!

What's that in your lip?

Nice one kid!

Work it Girl!

Oh I like massage!

Still sleepy girl?

I hope you like the Roses I gave you!

That's right! Rock on girl

She has a very cute face! That's the only thing I notice.

Goodnight selfie

Useful while driving

Girl with huge rack

Miami vs Spurs